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Akhtar Travel Is An Authorized Dropbox Agent Of The High Commission Of Malaysia, Providing A Range Of Visa Services To Travelers Who Wish To Visit Malaysia. We Specialize In Providing Assistance With Malaysia E-Visas, Sticker Visas, And Visit Visas, Making The Visa Application Process As Smooth And Hassle-Free As Possible.

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We Are A Preferred Drop Box Agent For Malaysia For Many Years, And During This Period, The Malaysian High Commission Has Issued Thousands Of Visas To The Tourists/Employees Who Have Applied Through Our Valued Agency. By The Grace Of Almighty Allah; Akhtar Travel Once Again Has Been Preferred To Be The Recognized “Visa Drop Box Facility’’ Agent For The Esteemed Malaysian High Commission – Islamabad For The Year 2023. During The Year 2019, We Submitted Approximately 11000 (Eleven Thousand) Visa Applications For The Esteemed Commission And Tried Our Level Best To Promote “Two Way Tourism And Trade’’ Between The Two Nations (Malaysia & Pakistan).

Malaysia Tourism

Malaysia Visa Services

Welcome To Akhtar Travel, Your One-Stop Destination For All Your Malaysia Visa Processing Needs. We Offer A Variety Of Visa Services, Including E-Visa, Sticker Visa, And Visit Visa. Our Experienced Team Is Dedicated To Providing You With Hassle-Free Visa Processing Services, Ensuring That You Have A Smooth And Stress-Free Experience.

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Malaysia E-Visa

30 DAYS / Single Entry



Immigration visa Fee

Service Charges

All Taxes

30 Days Duration of Stay in Malaysia

3 Months Visa Validity (Travel Time)

Processing time is 5 to 6 working days

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Malaysia Multiple Visa

01 Year / Single  Entry



Original Passport

Last Six Month Bank Statement

Business Covering Letter pad

03 Pictures with White Background

CNIC Photo Copy

NTN Number

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Malaysia Sticker Visa

30 DAYS / Multiple Entry



Malaysian Embassy Visa Fee 

Service Charges 

All Taxes

30 Days Duration of Stay in Malaysia 

3 Month Visa Validity (Travel Time )

Processing time is one working week 

Malaysia E-Visa Services

Effortlessly Explore Malaysia with Akhtar Travel’s E-Visa Services, Fast, Secure and Convenient Access to Malaysian Visas Online.

Malaysia E-Visa Requirments

  • Scan Copy of Passport
  • Scan Copy of C N I C
  • Last Six Month Bank Statement
  • 01 Pictures in White Background
  • Valid email address to which the visa will send
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Malaysia Sticker Visa Services

Simplify Your Travel Experience with Akhtar Travel’s Malaysia Sticker Visit Visa Services. Get Your Visa Quickly and Easily with Our Professional Assistance.

Malaysia Sticker Visa Requirments

  • Malaysian Embassy Visa Fee
  •  Service Charges
  •  All Taxes
  •  30 Days Duration of Stay in Malaysia
  •  3 Months Visa Validity (Travel Time )
  •  Processing time is one working week

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the E-Visa for Malaysia?
E-Visa Is Required For Those Who Have Traveled Abroad And Can Be Applied Via Drop Box Of Malaysia. Through E Visa You Can Stay In Malaysia For 30 Days. Traveler Passport Should Be Valid For E Visa. Pakistan, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Bangladesh Are Eligible For E Visa. Updates And Notifications Regarding The Malaysian E Visa Status Will Email To The Applicant And E Visa Will Also Sent Via Email To The Applicant.
Where is Dropbox Malaysia in Islamabad?

Akhtar Travels Had The Drop Box Of the Malaysian Embassy So You Can Easily Submit Documents That Are Required For The Visa. Visit Visa, Student Visa, And Work Visa Are Deal By Malaysia DropBox. 7 To 12 Working Days Are Required For The Visa Processing. Try To Submit The Visa Application In Advance.

Is Malaysia Visa Free For Pakistan?
For Pakistanis, Malaysia Has A Friendly Visa Policy. Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders have Not Required a Visa But A General Pakistani Passport Holder Needs A Visa For Malaysia. Visa Can Be Applied Through E Visa And Malaysian Embassy In Pakistan. E Visa Is Valid For 3 Months And For 30 Days You Will Stay In Malaysia.
What Is The Sticker Visa For Malaysia?
The Sticker Visa Is A Type Of Physical Visa That Is Placed In A Traveler’s Passport. It Is A Stamped Document That Grants The Holder Permission To Enter Malaysia For A Specified Period Of Time. The Sticker Visa Is Issued By The Malaysian Immigration Authorities And Can Be Obtained Through A Malaysian Embassy Or Consulate, Or Through A Registered Visa Agent. It Is A Traditional Form Of Visa That Is Required For Some Travelers, Depending On Their Nationality And The Purpose Of Their Visit To Malaysia.
What is the Malaysia Visa Policy?

The Visa Policy Of Malaysia Determines The Conditions Under Which Foreign Nationals May Enter And Stay In The Country. Some Of The Key Aspects Of The Visa Policy Include:

  1. Types of Visas: Malaysia offers various types of visas, including tourist visas, business visas, work visas, student visas, and more.
  2. Eligibility criteria: To be eligible for a visa, foreign nationals must meet certain criteria, such as having a valid passport, having a clear criminal record, and providing supporting documentation.
  3. Processing time: The processing time for a visa may vary depending on the type of visa and the circumstances of the applicant.
  4. Validity period: Visas are typically valid for a specific period of time and may be extended if necessary.
  5. Entry restrictions: Some foreign nationals may be subject to entry restrictions based on their country of origin or other factors.
  6. Overstaying: Overstaying a visa is a serious violation of Malaysian immigration laws and may result in fines, detention, and/or deportation.
What is the Best Time to Visit Malaysia?
Malaysia has a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 32°C throughout the year. The best time to visit Malaysia depends on your personal preferences and travel plans, but generally, the following are considered peak tourist season:

  • December to February, when it is relatively dry and cool
  • June to August, when it is hot and humid

Keep in mind that certain regions of Malaysia, such as the highlands and the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, the experience monsoon season from November to February, so it is best to avoid those areas during this time if you are not a fan of the rain.

What Is The Local Cuisine Like In Malaysia?
Malaysian Cuisine Is A Delicious Mix Of Flavors And Influences From Its Indigenous Cultures, As Well As Chinese, Indian, And Colonial Influences. Some Popular Dishes Include:

  • Nasi Lemak, A Rice Dish Cooked In Coconut Milk And Served With Spicy Sambal Sauce, Peanuts, Hard-Boiled Egg And Anchovies
  • Char Kway Teow, A Stir-Fried Noodle Dish Made With Flat Noodles, Prawns, Bean Sprouts, And Dark Soy Sauce
  • Laksa, A Noodle Soup Dish With A Spicy, Coconut-Based Broth And Your Choice Of Either Seafood Or Chicken
  • Roti Canai, A Flaky Flatbread Often Served With A Variety Of Dipping Sauces
  • Satay, Skewered And Grilled Meat Served With A Peanut Sauce
What Are The Tourist Attractions In Malaysia?
There Are Many Popular Tourist Attractions In Malaysia, Including:

  • Petronas Towers In Kuala Lumpur
  • Batu Caves Near Kuala Lumpur
  • Sepang International Circuit For Motorsports Fans
  • Langkawi Island For Beach Lovers
  • Mount Kinabalu In Sabah, The Highest Peak In Southeast Asia
  • Taman Negara National Park For Jungle Trekking And Wildlife Viewing
  • Historic City Of Malacca
  • Gunung Mulu National Park In Sarawak, Known For Its Impressive Caves.
Is Malaysia A Safe Country To Travel?
Yes, Malaysia Is Generally Considered A Safe Country For Tourists. The Country Has A Low Crime Rate, And The Majority Of Travelers Visit Without Incident. However, As With Any Destination, It Is Important To Take Common-Sense Precautions To Stay Safe, Such As Being Aware Of Your Surroundings, Keeping Valuables Secure, And Avoiding Deserted Or Poorly Lit Areas At Night
What are the Malaysia Visit Visa Requirements?
  • Original Passport 
  • Last Six Month Bank Statement 
  • Business Covering Letter pad 
  • 03 Pictures with White Background  
  • CNIC Photo Copy
  • NTN Number
  • Return Air Ticket