Capital Diagnostic Centre

Akhtar Travel & Tours, has successfully achieved milestone in the field of travel and tourism. Meanwhile, the other milestone achieved is in the medial and health industry.

Capital Diagnostic Centre is a name of quality and effectiveness that is passed to the patients it deals with. The quality and standards maintained by the CDC are matchless and it is the sole reason why our clients trust us. CDC’s main branch is located at an arm’s length from Poly Clinic, SHIFA International hospital, and PIMS hospital this diagnostic center is accredited in providing the best with its 13th branches network in the territory and also in KPK. 

Capital Diagnostic Centre has been appointed by the Malaysian government to fully examine the workers that are hired. Using the FWCMS our professionals fulfill all the medical-based requirements of the Malaysian government mandatory in nature. Making CDC your choice will get you the best services and 100% accurate results. The systems are configured in such a manner that the doctors from abroad are also taken on board while the second opinion about the diagnoses of any complication of patients. This increases the viability of the CDC. With highly positive reviews the team CDC is the best diagnostic Centre in heart of Pakistan Islamabad.