Azerbaijan Tours

Azerbaijan, officially the Republic of Azerbaijan and it is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus and a part of Asia or Europe. Azerbaijan is a mountainous country and only 7% is arable land. On the north, Russia and Georgia shares border with Azerbaijan, on the west with Armenia, and Iran in the south. Apply for Azerbaijan visit visa and experience the spectacular views.

Azerbaijan Culture
Azerbaijan culture reflects the traditions and a blend of Turkic, Iranian, and Russians. Music, literature, architecture, folk dances, Novruz Bayram, and cuisine are the main elements of Azerbaijan culture. National traditions are still well preserved and follow in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Capital
Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan and the largest cultural center of Azerbaijan. Baku is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Baku is the place where the first Azerbaijan newspaper was published, the first opera was performed, and the first Azerbaijan library was opened. Baku is also the largest industrial center of Azerbaijan. Baku is also famous for oil refineries, building materials, food, oil equipment production, petrochemical, and instrumentation. Many well-known and luxury shopping brands are opened in Baku. Numerous workshops are held in Baku where craftsmen, designers, and artists show their amazing work.

Places to visit in Baku
Baku the city of winds and the city which is fully stocked with beautiful buildings. Must visit these places in your Baku trip which include Maiden Tower, Shirvanshah Palace, Heydar Aliyev Center, Old City, Yanar Dag, Ateshgah of Baku, Flame Towers, Nizami Street, Baku Ferris Wheel, Upland Park, Muhammad Mosque, Molokan Gardens, Freedom Square, Chin Mosque, and Nikola Tesla Park.

Places to Visit in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan, the land of fire and an ideal place for spending holiday vacations. Let’s discover some breathtaking places in Azerbaijan.

Absheron Peninsula Tour
Absheron is derived from Persian “ab suran” means salty water. It is located nearly the metropolitan area of Baku. Absheron Peninsula, a famous and popular tourist destination. Absheron is associated with oil and fire whereas oil has also been extracted from Absheron. Salt has also been extracted from Absheron. The climate of Absheron is balmy and dry in summers and wet in winters. Sandy beaches, resorts, villages, and water parks are located in Absheron Peninsula.


Absheron Peninsula Attractions
Places that you will love to visit in Absheron are Yanar Dag, Ateshgah of Baku, Absheron National Park, Heydar Mosque, Baku Museum of Modern Art, Ajdarbey Mosque, and Masazirgol.

Sheki Azerbaijan
Sheki, a small city in Azerbaijan and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Numerous architectural places are located around Sheki city. Local artists in Sheki make jewelry and other handmade items and they are awe-inspiring. With craft center, Sheki has its own theater and historical museum. Sheki is rich with good food, archeological sites, Islamic architecture, and silk road history.

Sheki Tour
Book the Azerbaijan trip and take a tour of this beautiful city. In Sheki, visit these places which include the Palace of Sheki Khans, Church of Kish, Shaki Castle, Galarsan-Gorarsan, Tarix-Diyarsunaslıq Muzeyi, Shakikhanovs Palace, and Omər Afendi Mescidi.

Gabala Azerbaijan
Gabala aka Qabala is located in northern Azerbaijan. Gabala is a perfect place for tourism. In spring and autumn, the weather of Gabala is mild. In summer the weather is hot and cold in winter. Many historical landmarks are still present in Gabala city. Music festivals, summits, and conferences are held in Gabala. It is the second most popular destination in Azerbaijan after Baku.

Gabala Tour
In Gabala must explore these marvelous places i.e. Gabaland, Nohur Lake, Yeddi Gozel Waterfall, Gabala City New Mosque, Tufandag mountain resort, and World War II Memorial Park. Want to visit these places then book Azerbaijan and Gabala Package from Akhtar Travels with the best hotels in Gabala.

Quba Azerbaijan
Quba, a beautiful city in Azerbaijan and the capital of Quba Rayon. Forests, mountains, and the green nature of Quba attract tourists. From Baku international bus terminal, travelers can easily reach to Quba via bus. Quba cuisine is very delicious and must try their signature cuisine which includes Quba Tixmasi, Quba baklava, tandir kebab, and sac.

Things to do in Quba
Book Quba tour package, and will visit Sakina Khanim Mosque, Nizami Park, Cuxur Hamam, Quba Genocide Memorial Complex, and Tarix Diyarsunasliq Muzeyi.


Ismailli Azerbaijan
Ismailli, beautiful farmland in Azerbaijan. Tourists visit Ismailli on their Azerbaijan trip. Green mountains, scenic views, mountains, and fresh air enchant the tourist. When you visit this place you want to visit this again and again. Get fresh fruits and vegetables easily in Ismailli.


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