Creative Achievers Overseas Recruiters (Overseas Employment Promoters)

Established in 2015 and operating under Government of Pakistan license No. 3793. Our winning combination of technical expertise and experience of the required technologies and methodologies gives us a unique ability to offer our client, a service that no other Traditional supplier of manpower can match.

Creative Achievers Overseas Recruiters provides efficient and prompt service to its clients by maintaining a bank of bio-data’s (resumes) of talented And experienced workers, which is updated regularly and can be provided to prospective clients desirous of availing our services. Candidates are pre-screened through interpersonal interview, thus providing the clients with candidates closely matched to their requirement.
Creative Achievers Overseas Recruiters is the leading manpower bureau of the country, renowned and trusted for its valuable services in overseas employment. Since its inception Creative Achievers Overseas Recruiters Has 5 years on its credit for serving our people with commitment and honor. We are fueling the national economy by providing a variety of opportunities to the skilled job seekers. The statistics are evident enough to acknowledge us as the only achievers of the highest number of overseas recruitments among the government licensed agencies. We feel immense pleasure to announce that the Creative Achievers Overseas Recruiters is honored by plentiful multi-national companies from Korea, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Malaysia. The ever-increasing demand for skilled manpower from various regions of the globe is symbolic to the world’s recognition of our expertise.
We have a team of highly experienced, self-motivated and determined professionals which is well connected with the Principals and Manpower, bridging both the ends. Behind taken every step forward there are untiring efforts and pure enthusiasm. A great diligence is observed at every stage of processing i.e from pre-staffing (vacancy announcement, CVS analyses.interviews, recruitments, etc.) to the post-staffing (documentation, training, visa proceedings, etc), departures and accommodations. Our services never give you a chance to find yourself alone. Sky is the limit to our efforts to make you satisfied. Loyalty to the Principals and Manpower is the hallmark of Creative Achievers Overseas Recruiters.


Recruitment Procedure

 There are three channels of selection as mentioned below:

1. Interview by the Principal: If our Principal likes to conduct interviews, we will call you, send email or fax to inform about The interview date and place (most preferably To our Registered candidates) OR may also advertise interview schedule in the leading newspapers as Well. This procedure is the best which saves all hassles of wastage of time both to the candidates and Principals.

2. Proceedings through Courier or Online: If our Principals have no requirements to conduct interview in person, we forward your documents to our foreign Principals through D.H.L or online against their vacancies announced.

3. Direct Recruitments: Due to our long time recruitment expertise, sometimes our Principals allow us to conduct interviews on their behalf and select suitable workers for their projects.

Manpower Recruitment Services

• Place advertisements, arrange interviews, and select employees on behalf of clients on the receipt of written legal demand.
• Assist prospective employers by short listing candidates for final interview by the employers or their representatives
· Negotiate salaries and brief the candidates about their legal rights, terms and conditions of the employers, the overseas journey and orient them about the culture, language, food and customs of the host country.        • Make arrangements for trade test centers and medical exam for the candidates                                                                                                                     • Provide services relating to required documentation (ID Cards, Passports etc.)
· Obtain visas from the concerned Embassy/Consulate.
Reservation and Purchase of Air Tickets.
• Keep the employer informed about the progress at every stage 

Recruitment Procedure

We serve you for recruitments in various disciplines such as Construction & maintenance of buildings, Roads, Camps, Airports, Hospitals, Trade centers, Power Generation Plants, Refineries, Factories and Industrial Operations etc. You can trust our services to fulfill your requirements of manpower. We take as good care of your needs as you do. We have a profile of placement of more than five hundred skilled persons throughout the world. We entertain doctors, engineers, paramedical, technical and non-technical staff.

Training Facilities 

  • Agricultural Workers
  • Animal Husbandry Workers
  • All kinds of Un-Skilled Workers
  • Building & General Construction
  • Staff Catering and Hotel Staff
  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Electrical & Air Conditioning Staff
  • Fabrication Workers
  • Fishermen
  • Industrial Workers
  • Architects
  • Administration & Managerial staff
  • Bakery Personnel
  • Computer Programmers/Operators 
  • Chip  Workers
  • Draftsmen
  • Engineering
  • Personnel Forestry Workers
  • Food Service Personnel
  • Graphic Designers
  • Hospital and Clinical Personnel
  • Industrial Workers (Heavy Industry)
  • Maintenance Service Workers
  • Office Personnel
  • Service Workers
  • Sales Personnel
  • Tele-Communication Workers
  • Garments Workers
  • Heavy Vehicles Operator & Mechanics
  • Operator & Mechanics
  • Industrial Workers (Factory)
  • Industrial Workers (Light Industry)
  • Oil Field
  • Construction Workers
  • Packing Staff (Industrial)
  • Surveyor and Drafting Staff
  • Transport Equipment
  • Operators Telephones & Telex Operators
  • Teachers & Professors
  • Welders
    and many more.

Benefits of Our Overseas Employment Agency

  • Our employment agency has a well-equipped office which is manned by highly experienced and trained recruitment agency staff to process demand of any volume.
  • Our efficient and senior manpower agency staff can go through the process of selection and consequent processing and paper work in the minimum possible time.
  • Our team of experts at the staffing agency can select the right candidate for you matching your job descriptions At our overseas employment agency, the team is honest and sincere and does not take any kind of gifts or gratification from prospective employees. The selection is made solely on the basis of merit and talents.
  • Our manpower agency always honors its commitments and proceeds as per the instructions of the clients.
  • We have a team of manpower staffing experts in various fields and a panel of legal advisors to assist us in our manpower employment services.
  • We have arrangements with leading trade testing centers to assess the skills and practical plus theoretical knowledge of candidates.
  • We make arrangements with government authorized medical test centers to screen the employees for medical fitness.




Creative Achievers Overseas Employment Promoters

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Overseas Employment Promoters

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